The Web Design Process Is Not What You Think It Is

As of the year 2019, almost all businesses have a website, so if you don’t have one, then I am afraid that you are in the minority. In fact, you probably would have seen your competitors’ ever growing digital footprint slowly encroaching upon your market. As such, you may have grown wary of how their digital efforts may allow them to overtake your business in the near future.

This is an article for the business owners, the marketing departments and pretty much anyone who wants to have a website for their business. At the start, you have two options, either create one yourself or engage a professional that provides reliable web design services. Either way, we think that you will find this list of commonly held misconceptions of web design and development highly useful.

1. Web Design Is Fast & Painless

The notion that anyone can have a beautiful functional website in less than a day is absolutely delusional. While several content management systems and intuitive website interface builders have lessen the load, a sizable task still lies ahead for you. From the start, proper planning of the website architecture and UI/UX elements would already require much planning and expertise. Subsequent customisation of each element on the website to deliver the right user cues will require an additional layer of coding knowledge.

Finally, every good website goes through various rounds of user acceptability tests and user journey tests. Such vigour in testing makes website design an especially complicated task that should not be taken lightly.

2. A Published Website Is A Done Deal

Building on the concept of user tests, even a fully published website cannot function to its full potential without further updates. Data on user behaviour on your website needs to be collected and interpreted to deliver information on the performance of your website. For example, what is their duration on your website, their typical path on it or even their bounce rate. All these touchpoints may reveal red flags that are preventing conversions.

To add to this complexity is the potential for broken links with each update or each new algorithm update that Google rolls out. Overnight, you may find that your website’s rankings on search engines plummeting. As such, having manpower to keep you or your website up to date with the latest practices is of the utmost importance.

3. Website Design Should Not Cost Much

As the old saying goes, if you pay peanuts, then be prepared to receive peanuts. Your website is for all intents and purposes, your salesman, your brand and your sole point of interaction with your digital customers. The amount of work and skill that web design services encompass certainly will not come cheap, especially if you want a beautiful, functional and converting website.

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