The Different Uses Of Colour Changing Ink

There have been many clever inventions over the years when it comes to printing, and in the 1970s, scientists developed inks that could change colour with a temperature change. There are many uses for these types of inks, and you can see them in a vast array of products, from clothing to food, and they are sometimes used for fun but also have practical uses. You can see various ways you can use this type of ink below, showing you how versatile and useful this type of colour-changing ink can be.

Children’s Toys

You can find thermochromic ink in many children’s toys, especially babies and toddlers, as the changing colour appeals to kids, and they find it interesting. You can get toy cars that change colour, soft toys, story books, teething rings, dolls, bath toys, and many more types of toys. Toy companies are continually designing new uses for this colour-changing ink, as the colour change is an appealing attribute to children, and it is easy to market them. However, there are other uses for this excellent ink that changes colour, such as its use in fashion.


Clothing using thermochromic ink has been available since this colour-changing ink first became popular, but its fissionability does come and go. However, if you look hard enough, you can always find clothing that can change colour as the temperature changes, and some stylish designs are available. There are many clothing items you can get using this colour technology, such as:

  • Hats
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jogging Bottoms
  • Shell Suits
  • Gloves

There are many choices available for clothing using this colour-changing ink, and they can make for an excellent gift, especially if you have nieces and nephews. However, there are some more practical uses for this type of ink, which is also becoming increasingly popular in the food and drinks industry.


Food manufacturers are starting to use these inks in the design of the packing for their products, and there are two different types of ink they are using. The two different inks are as follows:

Irreversible: These irreversible inks will change colour permanently when the temperature change activates them. You can find this type of ink used on the packing of many products, especially the ones you must heat, and the colour change indicates when the product has been heated to the correct temperature. Once the ink has changed colour it will not change again.

Reversible: Some foods and drinks use reversible inks, and it is common to see this ink used in the bottles and cans of drinks. When the product reaches the ideal temperature, the bottle or packaging changes colour, so you know when it is ready. You can use this on soft drinks, beers and ciders, wines, and other beverages.

Using this type of ink is practical and can also be an excellent marketing gimmick for your business and help push your brand’s products. When you are considering changing the packing for your products, it may be something you can use to help you stand out from the crowd.

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