Five Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty at Your Laundry Salon

The success of your laundry salon depends on having the right Girbau North America coin operated washing machine and being in a suitable location. There are more than 29,000 commercial laundry businesses in the United States. Today, as more and more laundry salons open, people are getting numerous options to meet their laundry needs.  For this reason, you must look for ways to establish a loyal customer base to ensure your laundry business succeeds. As you look to build a loyal following, here are five unique ideas you can implement to win more repeat customers.

Offer freebies and other perks

Customers love freebies, therefore offering other perks, such as discounts and giveaways, is one of the best ways to ensure that your customers keep coming back. You can tweak the discounts and freebies to match your business needs. Some perks you can offer customers include a free wash on their birthday or a discount on their tenth wash and dry. Also, consider offering weekly discounts to encourage your customers to specifically visit your commercial laundry store and take advantage of such savings whenever they have time.

Always make your customers the priority

Studies show that 90% of customers worldwide value customer service. Customer service determines the choice of the brand they make. It is therefore vital to ensure that you have fantastic customer service. Your customers will evaluate the interactions they have with your staff and make a judgment about your services. Always maintain excellent customer service on your social media accounts as well. Your customer service staff must be easily accessible and ready to promptly solve the customer’s problems. Studies have shown that your customer expects prompt responses via social media, often within an hour or 30 minutes.

Ask for customer feedback and implement it

Also, consider collecting feedback from your customers and implementing it where possible. If your customer complains about poor service, ensure that you correct it promptly. This ensures your customers do not experience the same problem and decide to get laundry services elsewhere. When you make changes to your business based on customer feedback, your customers feel heard, thus increasing customer loyalty. It’s a great way to show your customers that you are not only reading their feedback but also implementing it.

Add conveniences to your laundry salon

When you make your customer’s life easier, you will keep them coming back. Think of small ways to make your customer’s life faster and simpler while at your laundry shop. You can add a coffee lounge or kids’ playing area where the kids can remain engaged while their caregiver handles the laundry. A lounge is a great place where your customers can chill while waiting for their laundry to finish.

Streamline the laundry process and set up a loyalty program

You can also streamline your customer’s checkout process where they can quickly get in and out of the shop. Use a Smart Card Laundry Vending System. Having a branded card system will allow you to start a loyalty program at your laundromat to encourage customers to keep coming back. Plus, your customers will appreciate not having the hassle of carrying (or running out of) cash and coins.

Continue building your relationship with your customers to maintain customer loyalty. It is also essential to ensure that you always keep up with the trends to have a competitive edge against your competitors.

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