Want To Join The Radio Industry? Consider These Career Paths!

No, radio is not dead. With digital radio, the avenues have just opened up, and regardless of what people think, the industry is expanding. Let’s agree that radio is a medium of entertainment on the go. Whether you are in a car or want to simply shut off the TV for a night, radio is worth the keeps. The number of jobs in the radio industry is constantly expanding, and if you are interested in the field, we have list of radio careers that you may want to consider.

 The three branches of radio

Ever wondered what it takes to run a radio station? Besides the fact that artists and hosts are required for shows, a team of technicians are critical for running these shows, while the management keeps a tab if everyone is on the same page.

There are three distinct branches in radio careers-

  1. Creative
  2. Technical
  3. Management

Creative jobs in radio

If you are good at entertaining people, you should consider creative roles, like that of a radio producer or host. You could be a news anchor, sportscaster, talk show host, voiceover artists, or even engage in radio promotions. These are roles that require the professional to be good with communication skills. You are responsible for content, but must also talk to guests, viewers and take requests live on the show. Most creative people don’t engage in sales directly, but they also ensure that promotional contents are played as per requirements and the sponsors are happy.

Technical jobs in radio

Keeping an eye on the technical side of things is equally important, and that’s where roles like audio technicians, sound engineers come in the picture. These are people who remain away from the mike but keep everything in order. They are expected to have technical understanding of various aspects, and they must know the latest developments in software and equipment.

Management jobs in radio

To manage all of that we just talked about, a management team is required. Management roles in radio could refer to roles, where professionals talk to sponsors, keep programs in line, handle queries, deal with the possible daily hassles that may crop in production and so on. These employees are also responsible for keeping balance at work, and usually, they all report to the main station manager.

If you want to take up any of these jobs, consider finding the best multimedia school now to get trained.

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