Factors To Consider When Looking For Serviced Offices In Cirencester

Cirencester is a beautiful town situated in the heart of the Cotswolds. Known for its Roman history and picturesque surroundings, it has become a popular destination for businesses looking to establish themselves there. With many companies looking for office space, serviced offices have become popular due to their flexibility and convenience. However, not all serviced offices are created equal, and it is important to consider certain factors when looking for the right one.


The location of the serviced office is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for office space. It is important to choose somewhere that is easily accessible for both employees and clients, such as Watermoor Point. Cirencester is well connected to other major cities in the UK, making it an attractive location for businesses. When choosing an area, it is important to consider the proximity to public transport links, such as train stations and bus stops, and the availability of parking facilities.


Another important factor to consider when looking for a serviced office is the available facilities. Serviced offices offer a range of facilities, including meeting rooms, communal areas, and kitchen facilities. When deciding which facilities are important for your business, it is important to consider the needs of your employees and clients. For example, if you frequently host clients in your office, you may need access to high-quality meeting rooms. If your employees work long hours, you may need access to kitchen facilities where they can prepare meals.


One of the main benefits of serviced offices is their flexibility. They offer short-term leases, making them a great option for businesses not wanting to commit to long-term leases. When considering a serviced office, it is important to consider how flexible the lease agreement is. Some serviced offices may offer monthly or even weekly leases, while others may require a longer commitment. It is also important to consider the cost implications of a shorter lease agreement, as these may be more expensive than longer leases.


Cost is always an important factor to consider when looking for office space. Serviced offices are generally more expensive than traditional office space, but they offer a range of benefits that can make them a worthwhile investment. When considering the cost of a serviced office, it is important to consider what is included in the price. Some serviced offices may include utilities, cleaning services, and IT support, while others may charge extra for these services. It is important to understand what is included in the price so that you can make an informed decision about whether a serviced office is a cost-effective option for your business.


When looking for a serviced office in Cirencester, it is important to consider the provider’s reputation. An excellent serviced office provider will have a strong reputation for providing high-quality office space and excellent customer service. You can find out about the reputation of a serviced office provider by reading reviews online or speaking to other businesses in the area.

By carefully considering the above factors, you can find a serviced office that meets the needs of your business and provides a comfortable and productive working environment for your employees.

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