6 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Training

Training is a must to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills that will make them more competitive. However, one problem with training is that employees may end up disengaged and bored. To prevent this, keep on reading, and we’ll talk about some of the best ways to improve training engagement.

  1. Embrace Microlearning

One of the reasons why employees hate training is because it takes hours or days to complete. Often, it also involves having thick modules to read. A good alternative is to consider microlearning. It is all about delivering short bursts of content. It includes short-term learning activities and small learning units. For instance, it can be a three to five-minute video that the learner can access anytime and anywhere instead of being confined in a traditional classroom training set-up.

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  1. Use Gamification

A tried-and-tested method for making employee training more engaging is by incorporating elements of gamification. This is also a great way to promote healthy competition amongst the participants. Some of the best ways to gamify employee training include having leaderboards, challenges, and badges. Gamification positively affects learning outcomes, making it a must-have to engage employees during training.

  1. Make it Memorable

Beyond gamification, one of the most important elements of successful employee training is being memorable. Create a smart instructional design that will stick to the mind of the trainees. A good way to make training memorable and engaging is to make it interactive. Using audio and video will also help.

  1. Hire the Right People

For employee training to be engaging, it should be led by people who have the authority to talk about a certain topic. Hire experts in their field to impart valuable knowledge to the participants. It will also be good to have a trainee who has a sense of humor to make sure that everyone is involved throughout the program.

  1. Use Real-Life Scenarios

Make training more relatable if you want to engage the participants. The best way to do this is to use real-life scenarios. Capturing the attention and emotion of the employees will be a lot easier if they can relate to whatever is being taught to them during the training program.

  1. Assess the Needs of the Employees

A common reason why employees aren’t engaged in training is that they do not see its value. They believe that it does not match their needs, and hence, it is useless. A good solution is to start with a thorough needs assessment before designing a training program. This way, you can be assured that it will be valuable to the participants, making it more interesting.

From microlearning to needs assessment, this article talked about some of the best ways to engage employees in training. These things can help in improving the training outcomes, and in the long run, can positively affect the organization’s bottom line.

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