Sound Royalties Announces $100 Million Investment in Advances for Songwriters Over 24 Months: Exclusive.

The House Music Channel & BB Media Global Group is proud to announce our new partnership with Sound Royalties in helping recording artist & producers fund their next album or tour.

Written by Dan Rys for Billboard Magazine: Twitter @danrys

Sound Royalties, a company started by investor Alex Heiche in 2014 which specializes in providing advances on future royalties for songwriters and musicians who often resort to selling parts of their publishing or songwriting rights to earn short-term cash in exchange for long-term profits, thus surrendering financial control of their creative work.”We provide advances that aren’t based on 100 percent recoupment, so that enables an artist or a songwriter to keep money flowing in, which means they have a higher percentage chance of success rather than being set up for failure and needing to sell,” Heiche says. “Secondly, we don’t buy copyrights. We only use their music as collateral, because it’s non-credit-based, but we don’t buy and we don’t own.”

Now, Sound Royalties is doubling down on their strategy, pledging to pour $100 million in advances into the music industry over the next 24 months, a figure Heiche feels is reasonable after the company self-funded a $10 million pilot program last year helping artists such as Renea navigate uncertain financials while being able to keep their copyrights. In a music industry that is only now recovering monetarily from a 15-year revenue decline, Sound Royalties is one of the several companies providing different options for songwriters and artists who have seen lower advances from traditional labels and publishers over the past several years.

Programs are designed for those that are:

-Earning at least $3-5,000 a year from royalties

-Have at least 3 years of historical statements (Ex. BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN etc. )

-Non-credit based

Keep 100% of the rights to your work!

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