ChilLED Commercial Grow Lights – Pre-Order Now

Have you been searching for a more efficient, high performance, advanced lighting solution – something to REALLY give you an edge in your yield, crop quality, and control?

LED lighting technology has been rapidly advancing and ChilLED Tech is ready to bring you the cutting edge lighting solution never before seen in this industry.

Accomplish more with light than you ever thought possible

  • Improve your yield
  • Improve your product quality
  • Control your plants with our adjustable spectrum
  • Gently transition from veg to bloom – reduce stretch & delayed growth
  • Get industry-leading efficiency – proven with independent laboratory tests
  • Triple cooling options – Onboard Fans | Ducted Air | Liquid – easy retrofit into any garden
  • No timers needed – network up to 255 lights for single point control and adjustment
  • Never change bulbs or pay hazmat disposal fees ever again

The simulation tool will help you understand why and how it can be used to your advantage over plain “full spectrum” white only and fixed “designer” spectrum competitor products. Play with the tool here and watch the video below.

Why waste your time researching, buying, testing and returning light after light when you could just get ChilLED Grow Lights and be DONE. (Yes, we’re THAT confident in our products.)

Pre-order your set of ChilLED Commercial grow lights today before June 19, 2017!

Commercial grow facilities: Are you using HPS lights and interested in participating in the ChilLED Trial program? Click Here