Byron E. Burke, Founder

Byron Bentley 1Byron E. Burke has worked in the music and startup business development industry for over 30 years. He began at the age of 13 as a gifted trumpet player and DJ from the Westside of Chicago. By the age of 16, he was recognized as one of the top teen DJ’s in Chicago which led him to sign his first record deal with the legendary “DJ International Records”.

Just before his 19th birthday, Byron became the Vice President for Burstinglaw Music Productions in Chicago, Illinois.  Byron spearheaded the day-to-day recording studio operations as well as  produce albums on Atlantic Records (Foundation & State of Mind) including “No House Big Enough” on East/West Records and “That Was Then, This Is Now” on Columbia Records for legendary house music band from Chicago called “Ten City” (1988 – 1994).

These albums produced ten top 20  Billboard Magazine dance songs, five Top 10 Billboard Magazine Chart Singles; 10 Top United Kingdom Pop Chart Singles, which generated over $1.7 M in revenues, including a Gold Plaque from Tusk Music (South Africa) and a Silver Plaque Award from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), United Kingdom.

In January 1999, Byron decided to further his education by attending a continuing studies course at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. called “Business 16, From Idea to IPO”taught by Doug Kelly, MD, Partner at Alloy Ventures. This course taught students how to plan, fund, execute, and attain liquidity for a startup company in Silicon Valley. Topics covered included researching and writing a business plan, protecting your invention, gathering advisers, raising money, developing an operating plan, hiring and firing, managing success and failure, and selling or taking your company public.

Today, Burke leads BB Media Global Group, leveraging his experience to help clients embrace the new concepts and ideas that help drive new customers and see long term growth by using  biblical principles.