Byron Burke – Stanford University Continuing Studies Course (1999): Bus 16 – “Startups” From Idea to IPO


Instructor: Douglas Kelly, MD from Alloy Ventures.

Duration of course: 9 weeks – Jan 4 to Mar 15, 1999

On Campus every Monday

Time: 7.:00-9:00 pm PST

Time commitment: 5-7 hours/week

This course taught students how to plan, fund, execute, and attain liquidity for a start-up company in Silicon Valley. Topics covered included researching and writing a business plan, protecting your invention, gathering advisers, raising money, developing an operating plan, hiring and firing, managing success and failure, and selling or taking your company public. Class sessions consisted of interactive lectures, case studies of real companies, and discussions with invited guests including lawyers, recruiters, CEOs, venture capitalists, and investment bankers. Start-ups are stories of personalities, and every week, students saw how these personalities have led to good or bad outcomes for their companies.
Startups: From Idea to IPO: